Why Vanguard 



Refer with Confidence

At Vanguard Diagnostic our doctors refer patients to us with confidence — knowing their patients will be treated with respect and kindness — and that the MRI will be quickly and conveniently scheduled. Usually, patients can be scheduled the same day. The AMA recently did a study that found 46% of all referrals are never completed. But Vanguard Diagnostic’s state of the art messaging and follow up systems insure that your patient does not become one of those statistics. Still, we know that technology does not provide all of the answers and patients sometimes need their hand held. So to further maintain our high standards, we assign a personal liaison to work directly with the health care provider’s office to make sure the patient receives great care and all of the doctor’s needs are met.


Multiple Convenient Locations

The patient experience is enhanced by Vanguard’s updated and comfortable facilities, which are located throughout the Metroplex to make sure your patient not only receives great care, but is not inconvenienced. We also offer Open MRIs for larger patients and those who are claustrophobic.


Quick and Compliant Access to Results

The report and the films from your patient’s MRI are immediately uploaded and can be accessed electronically through Vanguard Diagnostic’s HIPAA compliant platform. The MRI films are read and the reports are prepared by radiologists with decades of experience in examining the films of auto accident patients. Vanguard can also tailor the method the results are transmitted to your office, based on your preference.


Helping Attorney’s Make Their Case

Vanguard Diagnostic understands that attorneys who represent auto accident patients are an extremely important part of the process. Yet these attorneys are often frustrated by health care providers who make it difficult to efficiently and expeditiously obtain the records and bills needed to negotiate or litigate their clients’ claims. That’s why Vanguard Diagnostic immediately uploads the records and bills relating to the MRI in affidavit form and makes them available electronically to the attorney, eliminating the time wasted and the delay of having to request these records. Further, attorneys can be confident that their patients’ films are being read by radiologists with decades of experience in reviewing the films of auto accident patients.

Health Care is Our Mission

Same-Day Appointments are Available.