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Now accepting Letters of Protection (LOP) for auto accident patients at multiple Metroplex MRI facilities

A Broken Process:

Being hurt in a car wreck can be extremely stressful. You were minding your own business when another careless driver plows into your car and injures you. To complicate matters, in addition to your injuries, as an auto accident patient, you are often placed in a tough financial situation when referred for an MRI, CT scan or X-Ray. You need care right away and the course of your treatment often depends on the results of that diagnostic testing.

A Better Solution:

That testing also provides the basis for additional care or the ability to settle the case in your favor. But paying for the testing out of pocket is expensive. Your health insurance might cover some of the costs, if, of course, you have met your deductible. Still, not everyone has the luxury of health insurance. This leaves you not only injured, but frustrated and cash strapped. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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